In the vibrant realm of psychedelic trance, there existed a duo that stirred the electronic music scene like a tempest. The collaborative brainchild of two titans in the genre, Psykovsky and KinDzaDza, Osom was born in the cosmic year of 2004. As the duo celebrates their 20-year anniversary, their journey through the pulsating waves of sound had become legendary.

The inception of Osom onto the global stage was marked by the release of "Acid Tonik" on Parvati Records. The track, a sonic odyssey into the depths of psychedelic exploration, catapulted Osom into the limelight. With a fusion of otherworldly melodies, intricate rhythms, and mind-bending soundscapes, Osom's music became a phenomenon in the psytrance community.

In the two decades that followed, Osom continued to push the boundaries of sonic innovation. Their discography comprised four awe-inspiring compilations , each a testament to the relentless pursuit of auditory bliss. The compilations are now available for purchase through the Osom website, using a unique form of currency - OSOM tokens.

The distinctive concept behind Osom releases was their commitment to showcasing not only the collaborative genius of Psykovsky and KinDzaDza but also the diverse array of their musical partnerships. Each compilation served as a portal into the intricate web of their artistic connections, revealing a tapestry woven with the threads of creativity from various collaborations.

However, it was on the stage that Osom truly came alive. Their live concerts were legendary, marked by an intensity that reverberated through the very core of the audience. Whenever Osom graced the lineup of a psytrance festival worldwide, it was not just a performance; it was an experience. The duo's appearance became the cherry on top, an eagerly awaited spectacle that would elevate the energy of any event to unparalleled heights.

As Osom celebrates their 20th anniversary, their legacy continued to ripple through the electronic music landscape. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration, coupled with their mesmerizing live performances, ensured that Osom remained a force to be reckoned with in the world of psychedelic trance. The story of Osom was not just a tale of music; it was a journey into the boundless realms of consciousness, where sound became a conduit to the infinite.